Monday, 22 October 2012

The Chosen Generation

  Green is the Colour raises my inner consciousness to write back and voice my opinion. It's been a while since Ku Tendang Setan (previous name) was activated. Almost a year, my views and doubts are being abandoned deep inside the safe box.  Locked in a box name "fake democracy" that only becoming an entertaining anecdote. Green is the colour gives me back the passion to voice out and stops this madness.

    The issues that are being discussed inside the novel still relevant until now and I am giving my full gratitude and respect to Prof Dr. M.A Qayyum for giving me an opportunity to be one of The Chosen Generation. 
The issues that being discussed is common in the headline of present media. It still grows and continues to haunt Malaysian (to be specific) because of the denial solution by government. We can ignore yet it will affect the development of this country. Worse, it may polarize the citizen. Prejudice, hatred, racism, and political allegory all the issues that still continue to be headline. Why after 55 years of independence, the issues remain?

I'm not disrespect the elders in this country but most of them who already at the top, Sir you're not an example! Most of them, politicians who still spit curse and mockery when argue, is that intellectual enough to gain my respect? Debating is not a culture, quoted by Mr. Prime Minister. Then cursing and crushing in front of the mosque definitely our culture. From the best exemplary by Prime Minister until the Future Generation, we shall see the catastrophic morality and values in our society. If we, the chosen generation pick the wrong sides, well, let's pray for the best.

I shall continue...

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